12 Essential Points About Treating Lyme Disease

Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, ND, DHANP, CHC – Dealing with Lyme Disease

1. It can be difficult to diagnose. Blood tests– many false negatives. People forget they had a tick bite. Symptoms may not show up for 6 weeks. The tick bite is long forgotten.

2. Try to take a wait-and-watch approach with a tick bite. You may want to give Ledum. Remember, not all ticks are infected and not all people who are bitten by an infected tick develop Lyme disease or other related diseases. At the same token, you want the patient to be alert to symptoms such as unexplained, muscle aches and severe fatigue– 2 of the most common symptoms.

3. Lyme Disease mimics many other conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological conditions including Bell’s palsy. If you are not sure what you are dealing with, refer the person to a licenced practitioner (if you are not one) or a neurologist for diagnostic purposes. If you are sure it is Lyme Disease, be sure to explain treatment options. This allows people to chose antibiotics or other conventional treatment and you do not want to appear to have prevented them from receiving this treatment if they so chose.

4. In the early stages, the symptoms may be nondescript, vague– fever and chills. The similimum may be difficult or impossible to find. Antibiotics often work very well at this stage. Definitely refer for antibiotics or prescribe them. If symptoms emerge after this stage, they usually point to a simillimum.

5. It is remarkable how many early cases I have seen which are Rhus toxicodendron cases.

6. Patients who have been on repeated courses of antibiotics and are not cured may need Rhus tox or really any remedy. Take the case as you would any other.

7. It does not matter what potency you start with. I often start with a 30C every few hours which gives a great deal of relief within a 24-48 hour period.

8. You may need to go from lower to higher potencies over time. 9. The remedy may need to be repeated more frequently than you would usually.

10. The person may appear cured and then emerge with similar symptoms with a relatively short time — weeks to several months. Unless a new symptom picture has emerged, repeat last remedy given.

11. The longer the person has had the condition, the more tenacious the symptoms may be, requiring a longer period of treatment.

12. Homeopathy will be able to help a great number of Lyme sufferers.

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