Treating Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis

Homeopathy provides a variety of remedies which can cure eczema. As in all homeopathic cases, the remedy was prescribed on the basis of this particular individual’s very specific symptoms. In other words, someone else with eczema but with different general symptoms would be prescribed a different remedy.

One April Joey, age 23 months, came to the office with his mother. She explained that from early infancy he frequently and easily would get colds, the flu and bronchitis. Because of this Joey had been on antibiotics and cough medicines a number of times. At 17 months a serious skin problem developed, the eczema first appearing on Joey’s face. Cortaid ointment was prescribed for one month but did not help. Within a short while the eczema appeared all over Joey’s body. Suffering from intense itching, he would scratch until his skin bled. His mother then brought him to a dermatologist, who made the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis. He prescribed Cortisone, Atarax, and antibiotics to deal with the secondary infection.

Concerned about the use of all these medications, the parents decided to try a dietary approach and placed Joey on a special, low dairy diet. But that also didn’t help.

Finally Joey’s mother brought him in for homeopathic treatment. In determining the correct remedy, I noted certain telling symptoms: orange juice would produce a rash around his mouth, a shy boy, he would cling to his mother in new places, but after awhile would socialize; generally easy-going, if he became angry he would get very upset and hit a table; he had a healthy amount of energy, but often was sleepless from the itching; when he did sleep, it was on his abdomen with his buttocks up; tending to be warm, he loved to walk around without socks or shoes. At his initial visit the correct homeopathic remedy was prescribed.

One month later his mother described the results: during the first week the itching was worse; but after that the eczema began clearing little by little. With much less itching at night, Joey was able to sleep better. By his second follow-up, one month later, the eczema was considerably better and Joey regularly slept through the night. For six months Joey did very well, until one day the eczema reappeared on his left cheek and he developed a slight cough. The mother brought Joey back in, the remedy was repeated and within a few days both the cough and the eczema disappeared. For the past year, the mother reports, Joey has remained a healthy child.