Interstitial Cystitis, or Bladder Infections

Homeopathy can provide thorough, yet completely natural help for the considerable discomfort and inconvenience of bladder difficulties. The following case is one of many examples.

Amanda, a lively, petite 38- year old, came for a visit, reporting that she had been struggling with recurrent cystitis – bladder infections – since high school. Having seen several urologists, she twice had had her bladder stretched. On each occasion this procedure had proved moderately helpful, for a short period of time.

During her visit with me she described having to urinate frequently during the day and at least three times at night. Despite continually relieving herself she had a constant, uncomfortable feeling of pressure in her bladder. Other symptoms, helpful to a homeopath in choosing a remedy, were that she craved sweets and nuts and tended to be uncomfortably chilly. Moreover, her energy had not been good in recent months, with an especially difficult drop from 3:00 to 5:00 pm; though she usually felt better when she exercised, she had been too tired to do so. Based on her total symptom picture, she was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Sepia.

Two months later Amanda reported that, almost immediately after taking the remedy all her symptoms had completely disappeared for about six weeks. “I was actually very surprised,” she told me. “My bladder felt totally comfortable and I was able to sleep through the night without having to get up and use the bathroom. My energy has been really good. I don’t need as many layers of clothing. I still like sweets and nuts, but it’s not an obsession!” However in the last few weeks she’d noticed some of her bladder symptoms returning. “There’s more pressure again and I have to urinate somewhat more frequently. Though they are much milder than before, some of the symptoms have returned.” Given another dose of Sepia, she found that the symptoms again disappeared and this time, even after six months, she reported that she no longer had any problem with interstitial cystitis.