Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Delay

Homeopathy can be remarkably effective with the often devastating condition of Autism or PDD. At the same time, PDD involves a wide range of behaviors and response to homeopathic treatment can be quite varied. Generally, the changes are slow and progressive. In any case, despite certain very dramatic results, as in the following account, it is very important for parents to appreciate that miracle cures cannot be promised and should not be expected.

Both physically and intellectually Bobby’s development appeared to be normal until he was fifteen months old. At that age he could speak a number of words. Then, without warning, he retreated into a world of his own. His ability to form words disappeared. His energy, which had been good, dwindled and he often appeared lethargic. Noises would send him into a rage or else into inconsolable crying. A neurologist diagnosed him as autistic.

After his first visit, at three years old – the homeopathic remedy Bufo was administered and his family noted a dramatic change. Bobby became less sensitive to noise, more energetic and over the coming months his language returned. After he entered a special education pre-school his teachers noted that unlike their other students who learned by repetition, Bobby was able to generate his own responses. By kindergarten he was in a mainstream classroom with supportive services. Over the next few years his progress continued.

Though Bobby needed to work harder than the average student at his school work, he did and would eventually excel. By the time he was twelve years old he was in an accelerated math group and was an avid reader. Focusing, which had been a serious problem for Bobby, was no longer an issue. To the school’s surprise he was able to both focus and persevere.

At this writing, some difficulties continue to persist. A young teenager, he sometimes will miss certain social cues and the point of a joke. He has some difficulty with grooming, and his mother reports that he has the self-care skills of a younger child. However, over-all, both academically and socially, he is doing remarkably well. Much-liked at school, he is sensitive to others and emotionally mature.