Allergies, Asthma and Anxiety

Homeopathy provides many remedies which can cure a wide range of conditions. This account demonstrates how elegantly, by balancing a person’s whole system, one homeopathic remedy is able to cure several conditions at once.

Fran, age 43, came to the office with several concerns: allergies, asthma and multiple forms of anxiety. “I’ve had allergies my whole life and they’ve gotten progressively worse over the past ten years,” she told me during her first appointment. Her allergy episodes involved paroxysms of sneezing, intensely itchy eyes, and a runny nose. Six years before, she had started using an inhaler to control episodes of wheezing. In the last year, due to serious side effects, she had to stop using the inhaler. Since childhood, almost any form of exercise could, at times, precipitate asthma. Her first visit was in December and she mentioned that whenever she jogged in cold weather she became asthmatic.

Though very accomplished, Fran also suffered from anxiety attacks, anticipatory anxiety – about anything new or difficult – and great self-doubt. Her parents had been loving, but highly critical and demanding. Perhaps as a result of this, Fran expected a great deal of herself and was highly sensitive to criticism.

Based on a full spectrum of symptoms, in particular the fact that she tended to be on the warm side, got headaches from the sun and had a strong desire for salt, the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum was prescribed for her. Within a few weeks her symptoms began to improve. Over time, as was established during several follow-up visits, they continued to improve. Eight months later Fran reported “the best summer I’ve had in many years.” During the next two years her inhaler became less and less necessary, the anxiety attacks completely disappeared, her anticipatory anxiety substantially decreased and her over-all emotional state greatly improved. A single, correctly chosen remedy was able to significantly improve the quality of Fran’s whole life.